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Empower your User

With the universal platform for communication, service and more.

The interactive Digital Product Passport – for your customers and end users.
Information, instructions, tutorials, feedback, interaction.
Tailored to your individual requirements.

Just a QR code scan away.

Trusted by Companies around the world


Straight to the Point

Operating manual goes digital

Implement quick & easy with ECHO PRM.

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Digital product passport & nameplate

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How it works

Get to know the ECHO PRM components here


Get to know the ECHO PRM

Manage documents and information, allocate resources, provide app,
evaluate interactions and feedback - All in one modular platform.



Your configuration centre. You decide which content and communication options should are shown for which product via the app – fully automated. And evaluate feedback in a structured way.

Backend functionalities

  • Create texts
  • Upload images
  • Provide videos
  • Create forms and surveys
  • Evaluate feedback
  • Define interfaces and much more.

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The interaction platform for your users and customers. A web app for each individual product – down to serial number level. Automatically generated!


  • Process service
  • Report problems and solve them bidirectionally
  • and much more

The simplest communication channel between
you and your end customers.

 See Web App examples

Surveys & Forms

  • Give feedback
  • Collect suggestions for improvement
  • Get photos of assignments, etc.

The direct and uncomplicated link between
you and your users.

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Documents & Data

  • View technical info
  • View interactive operating manuals
  • View tutorials
  • Find FAQs quickly
  • and much more

Your customer is kept up-to-date.

 See Web App examples



The gateway to the web app. Everyone knows standard QR codes – With ECHO you get the maximum out of every scan.


Your Product

Our modular system requires no adaptation to the relevant industry. From excavators to pumps. ECHO PRM always fits.

How does the code get to the product?

We supply you with the finished QR code stickers in your
design, in the highest industrial quality and with extremely strong adhesion.
During production or afterwards, these are simply stuck on
and assigned to the product with one click.

Alternatively completely digitally or integrated via API into
your internal software - depending on your requirements.

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Get in touch with us and we will show you an individual live demo. Customised to your company & your products.


We address real
pain points

Customised solutions for your tasks

Product Manager

Finally get a product-specific communication channel to the end customer / user. Always close to the customer, without being on site.
Understand the market through categorised feedback and thus better develop the product.

Technical Docu & Marketing

Make information and documents available to the right product user better than ever before.

Aftersales & Service

Our powerful service module with ticket system enables the handling and documentation of problems. In combination with the other ECHO PRM features, it’s a real power package.

Testing and development

Our system is also perfect for supporting pre-series and field tests.

On request, it can also be used ONLY for this application.

Web App


Your app, your design
Integrate your CI
Without coding

More Apps  

enterprise ready

Quick and easy go-live
or fully Integrated
and everything in between

We support every level of integration with user-friendly
management interfaces and powerful APIs

Get Ready

Ready in months

No IT project.

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Configure system

Define product types, set app design, upload documents and content.

Codes on the products

Apply codes (QR,NFC) to the product, 1-click linking. Go!

Communicate & Evaluate

That's it. Your customers and you can communicate - with just one scan.

Manage easily and continuously via the ECHO PRM backend.

Automate & Integrate

Optionally automate all processes via interfaces and link them directly with ERP, CRM or telematics systems.

Not enough staff? No time?

ECHO can be operated with minimal effort! But it’s even easier with MANAGED ECHO.
With MANAGED ECHO your ECHO PRM team takes care of set-up and maintenance. Just talk to us.


Secure and flexible

Our ECHO PRM Saas solution meets all requirements


Extendable & integrable through various API possibilities


No programming effort and therefore quickly & easily integrated into internal processes


Adapts to your structures and use cases! Updates are live and immediately available


We are GDPR compliant and work with a data protection officer as a matter of principle

EU data centre

Our server location is Frankfurt am Main in Germany.


Treten Sie mit uns in Kontakt um ein Maßgeschneidertes Angebot für ihren Anwendungsfall zu erhalten.

Sie sind Hersteller oder Anbieter und wollen mit den Nutzern Ihrer Produkte einen direkten Austausch? Wir helfen Ihnen dabei!

  • Produktspezifisches Anwenderfeedback & Verbesserungsmanagement 
  • Produktindividuelle Informationsbereitstellung
  • Spezifische Support- und Serviceanfragen
  • Web-App: Ohne Registrierung, ohne Login, ohne Passwort


Contact us to receive a customised offer for your application.

  • Product-specific user feedback & improvement management
  • Product-specific information provision
  • Specific support and service requests
  • Web app: without registration, without login, without password

Ein QR-Code. 100% Kundenfokus.

Wir leben im digitalen Zeitalter, trotzdem arbeiten viele Unternehmen – entweder weil die internen Prozesse veraltet sind oder weil es gesetzlich vorgeschrieben ist – noch viel mit Papier.

Nutzer sind es heute jedoch gewohnt, mittels Smartphone schnellstmöglich an die für Sie relevanten Informationen zu gelangen.

Alles Andere führt zur Frustration.

Mit ECHO PRM stellen Sie Ihren Nutzern alle Informationen wie z.B. Anleitungen, Tutorials, FAQs, Serviceformulare, und Vieles mehr bereit. Ein Scan reicht und Ihr Nutzer kann mühelos & produktspezifisch mit Ihnen interagieren.

Das fehlende Puzzelstück in der Hersteller-Nutzer-Interaktion.

Besser für uns. Besser für den Planeten.

Gedruckte Betriebsanleitung veralten schnell, können nicht auf dem neuesten Stand gehalten werden, gehen verloren oder werden schmutzig und unlesbar. In einer immer digitaleren Welt mit aktuell ca. 4 Milliarden Smartphones (laut statista.de), haben wir längst eine einfache Möglichkeit, die passende Dokumentation zu einem Produkt immer aktuell in der Hosentasche dabei zu haben.

Eine 25 Meter hohe und 40cm dicke Fichte liefert ca. 3 Kubikmeter Holz, woraus rund 670 kg Papier hergestellt werden.* 

Bei einem Gewicht von 80g pro Seite können aus so einem Baum rund 130.000 DINA4-Seiten Papier gewonnen werden. Die Zahl gefällter Bäume für die Dokumentation von Maschinen und Anlagen übersteigt jede Vorstellungskraft.

Es ist also Zeit für eine massive Verringerung der papierbasierten Dokumentation und die EU bietet mit der neuen Verordnung wohl eine Möglichkeit zur Umsetzung.


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