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The initial idea for ECHO PRM came from a concrete need that we recognised and for which there were no offers in the market:

How can manufacturers & suppliers of products communicate with the actual product user – no matter if it’s product feedback, getting ideas for improvement or even providing the right & relevant information to the right user at the right time?

Many manufacturers use various platforms such as CRM, telematics and other systems to stay in touch with their dealers and customers.

What has always been missing is the personal but often decisive opinion of the users of the products.

This is not recorded in a structured way today!
Often, time-consuming and cost-intensive actions are necessary to collect feedback from users, which then often cannot be further evaluated and used.

We also lacked a way to provide product-specific or user-relevant information & documents easily and quickly – a unique digital nameplate, so to speak, whose data can be played out without an app, without registration and without a login.

As pioneers of product relationship management, we have made it our mission to give the user of your products a voice with a simple and innovative platform. Through targeted and product-specific communication, we give the product user an advantage – problems can be identified and solved faster, an individual service request relieves the team and the user always has access to individual product information.

In this way, we want to support our customers in making the products of tomorrow even better, in coexistence with CRM and other established technical possibilities for the exchange of information.

We give your products the voice of the users and carry this ECHO to you!


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