Integrate a digital data plate with ECHO PRM

With ECHO PRM, you can easily introduce a digital data plate for physical products and offer users even more added value and functionality.

The term “digital data plate” has been used by various companies, organisations, committees and consortia since around 2019/2020.

Digital data plate

Trying to define the terminology:

“The digital data plate should digitally map all product information (such as documentation, technical info, etc.) and also offer extended product services.

The digital data plate should be updatable at any time and thus avoid large quantities of analogue, printed documents.”

A standardised and unique identifier for each individual serial number makes it possible to link manufacturer information, such as maintenance and servicing schedules, to the physical product. 

Collection of advantages of the digital data plate:

  • Quick access to all stored device specifications and documents
  • Real-time information: latest operating instructions, recalls, new product offers, etc.
  • The required information can be accessed at any time and from any location – at all process levels and throughout the entire life cycle of the product. 
  • Other services, such as spare parts service or warranty and equipment information, can be integrated.
  • Sustainability: it conserves resources and eliminates the need for paper documentation
    saves printing & logistics costs
  • Documents in local language and with local certificates
  • Compatible with various end devices thanks to standardised QR code
  • Individual components in a system can be identified quickly and easily using mobile devices
  • Cross-manufacturer standard according to DIN SPEC 91406 available

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