Our philosophy & our claim

We know that as our customer, compliance with the various requirements of the GDPR and IT security are very important to you – but also that your primary focus is on the development, distribution and after-sales of the respective products.

To ensure that you do not have to worry about the security and GDPR compliance of ECHO PRM and the services offered, we have implemented the following measures and continue to work consistently on improving them:

Headquarters in Germany

ECHO PRM is located in Germany and is therefore naturally subject to the EU GDPR.

Clear responsibilities

Transparent and precisely regulated responsibilities for data protection in our terms and conditions.

Data ownership by the customer

In our general terms and conditions, we commit never to pass on data to third parties.

No tracking

We do not use any tracking software, cookies or similar within the ECHO system. Your data and the information that your users disclose to you belong only to you. We neither analyse them nor use such data for our own purposes.

External data protection officer

Voluntary cooperation with an external data protection officer who continuously reviews our processes and develops them with us.

GDPR support

ECHO PRM supports you and your employees in the secure fulfilment of your GDPR requirements through simple and convenient functionalities in the backend.

Principles of ISO 27001

ECHO PRM works in particular in the development of the ECHO PRM platform with measures and structures based on the principles of the ISO 27001 guideline and strives in the long term for corresponding certification.

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